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Wynwood Walls

80,000 square feet of Murals

In 2009, community vitalizer Tony Goldman saw potential in the Wynwood industrial district, just north of Downtown Miami. Graffiti was already present in the neighborhood, and Goldman envisioned the conversion of many windowless warehouses into large-scale canvases, painted in graffiti or made into murals by artists from around the world. Today, Wynwood is a funky part of town with art, fashion, and technology subdistricts, complete with breweries, 70+ art galleries, museums, and art collections.

Getting There

Wynwood is 2.5 miles from YVE Hotel Miami, but parking can be tight. Use a rideshare service or public transit. For public transit, take the Aventura Mall bus from the station across from YVE Hotel at Biscayne Boulevard and 2nd Street. The stop for Wynwood is at 28th Street. Exit and head west; one you meet 2nd Avenue, walk down a few blocks til you reach 26th Street, where you’ll see the entrance to Wynwood Walls.

Walk Around

Peruse the Outdoor Exhibit

The constantly-changing display of the Wynwood Walls is a moving example of how seemingly drab surroundings can be elevated into a colorful artform. Wynwood Walls is free to the public and opens at 10:30 am, closing at 11:30 pm-midnight. It’s located at 2520 NW 2nd Ave. More public art is on display if you head south on 2nd Avenue, which is lined with hip cafés, breweries and eateries. Tours of the walls are also accessible to visitors. Info here. This is a low-key way to spend a day and mull about; make sure to wear comfortable shoes and dress weather-appropriate, as you’ll likely be under the Florida sun.

The Fashion District

Homemade Boho to Upscale Boutique

Wynwood’s vibe is undeniably bohemian, and its shops are too. Peruse vintage clothing and design products along 2nd Avenue between 21st and 27th Streets. For chic boho women’s wear, check out MVM Miami on 175 NW 23rd St. For socially-conscious purchases of fair-trade products and upcycled clothing, Nomad Tribe Wynwood is a popular stop, located at on 2301 NW 2nd Ave. Support local businesses and artists -- it’s easy to shop local in Wynwood.